On a daily basis, GG.COM's own Totepool expert Malcolm Boyle will be providing a completely free and statistically tailored service for betting on the fantastic, fun and simple Toteswinger bet.

Here are the picks for each of today's UK cards.

Thursday's Toteswinger Service (April 4th):

These are Mal's three horses against the field in each race on Thursday, based on his statistical assessment of each race where and when trends are in place. Horses are listed in order of preference, whereby you can trim down your staking pattern if required.

Although three horses are offered from a 'combination perspective', only three stakes are required on each occasion as the toteswinger is run on a 'dual forecast' basis, whereby each pairing is reversed automatically.

In races where just six or seven runners have been declared, I will list only two horses in what will essentially become a 'dual forecast'.


2.00: 10 (L'Unique)--4 (Irish Saint)--2 (Flaxen Flare)

2.30: 5 (Silviniaco Conti)--6 (The Giant Bolster)--2 (First Lieutenant)

3.05: 9 (Zarkandar)--7 (The New One)--2 (Grandouet)

3.40: 11 (Gwanako)--5 (Cottage Oak)--1 (Battlefront)

4.15: 7 (Rebel Rebellion)--14 (Silver Roque)--13 (Echo Bob)

4.50: 1 (Captain Conan)--3 (Changing Times)--5 (Fago)

5.25: 14 (Sixty Something)--21 (Lienosus)--5 (Jetson)


2.10: 7 (Bathwick Junior)--11 (My Sister)--4 (Comical Red)

2.45: 3 (Karinga Dancer)--1 (Fox Run)--2 (Hollow Penny)

3.20: 1 (Hunt Ball) & 4 (Domtaline)

3.55: 13 (Benbane Head)--6 (Billy Meriott)--8 (Monetary Fund)

4.30: 5 (Violin David)--13 (Inside Dealer)--1 (Prince Tom)

5.05: 9 (Prince Masssin)--1 (Coombe Hill)--5 (Ling Cyrus)

5.35: 4 (Dragons Den)--1 (Scampi Boy)--3 (Thundering Home)


2.20: 1 (Shirataki)--2 (Time Square)--7 (Madam Tessa)

2.55: Only three runners decalred--no toteswinger pool in operation

3.30: 1 (Blazing Chilli) & 5 (Diamond Lady)

4.05: 4 (Jimmy Elder)--2 (Purcell)--3 (Star Of Rohm)

4.40: 1 (Nocturn)--8 (Temple Road)--10 (The Tichborne)

5.15: Only five runners declared--no toteswinger pool in operation

5.45: 1 (Guard's Chapel) & 5 (Bold Adventure)


5.20: 4 (Compton Silver)--2 (The Manx Missile)--8 (Magic Ice)

5.55: 7 (Cape Alex)--5 (Easydoesit)--3 (The Blue Dog)

6.25: 1 (Common Cents)--2 (Holy Angel)--7 (Hab Reeh)

6.55: Only five runners decalred--no toteswinger pool in operation

7.25: 1 (Rakaan) & 6 (Alhaban)

7.55: 1 (One Scoop Or Two)--3 (California English)--7 (Space War)

8.25: 9 (Sextons House)--5 (Sally's Swansong)--1 (Bailadeira)

8.55: 5 (Majestic Timeline)--2 (Russian Ballet)--1 (Imjin River)